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E-commerce is a new business method and it growing quickly with many huge advantages that it brings. Instead of having to take time and effort to come to the store, now you just need to sit in front of the computer, searching everything you want through the internet and then you can easily purchase & buy product with just one click. Thus, both sellers and buyers are able to save a lot of time, effort and money for expenses such as: money for rent the store, money for staff, etc.

However, besides the enormous benefits then of course it also has some shortcomings should be resolved. One of the problems which the customers when do shopping online are very concerned that is about the information of shipping product. Usually, when shopping online, you always need to wait for the time product to be delivered to you. You can pay before or after receipt your products, but the overall mood of everyone who shopping online is desirable the products will be delivered as soon as possible. Thus providing for customers information about date/time of products shipping will help your customers more comfortable while waiting for the product to be delivered.

If you have an online store which built based on Magento, default features of magento can not give you the information of products shipping. This is when you need help from extension. Magento Order Delivery Date Pro Extension is a perfect extension which helps your customers to select the date on which they want to receive the delivery of products. You can also display off days and any comment in this regard.

Some highlight features of Magento Order Delivery Date Pro Extension

For Your Customers

  • Displays Shipping Arrival Date and Time: Allows users to provide expected shipping arrival date and time
  • Provision of adding comments/time/date in order: Users can also write comments including time and date while placing an order from your online shop
  • Past Date cannot be Selected: Users will not be able to select previous dates
  • Display of Shipping Arrival Date/time and Comment: Option to display shipping arrival date and time from the calendar and comment in order view page
  • Shipping Arrival Date/time and Comment in email: Display shipping arrival date, time and comment in order confirmation email sent to customer
  • Calendar View: The customer can view the orders dates on browsing his/her account.
  • Multiple Delivery Date for Multiple Address: The customers can now order different products on multiple addresses and different dates.

For Website Owners

  • Off Days Disable: Disable week off days (like Saturday and Sunday)
  • Specific Dates Disabled: Set and Disable dates for a given period of time. When you have holidays for a couple of days then you can disable those dates from admin side very easily
  • Select Page to Display shipping, arrival date and time: Specify on which step of shipping, arrival date and time should be displayed, whether it is on shipping method page or order review page
  • Add Tab Containing Today’s Delivery Orders: On the dashboard a tab containing the latest (today’s) delivery orders, can also be added by the admin for keep tracking of delivery orders.
  • Set Label for Delivery Date: You can set label for the customers in the “Label for Delivery Date” field.
  • Set Label for Delivery Date Comments: You can set label for the customers in the “Label for Delivery Date Comments” field.
  • Add Number of Delivery Days: You can select number of delivery days available in the field “Add Number of Delivery Days” to be displayed before the customers to select from.
  • Set Minimum interval of hours between the order placing time and delivery time: Add no of hours as difference between order placing and order delivery time in the “Minimum interval of hours between the order placing time and delivery time” field for the customers to know.
  • Add Time Slot: You can add time in “Start Time” and “End Time” in the field “Add Time Slot” to state the different time slots that are available for order delivery to the customers.
  • Set Delivery Date from Admin Panel: You can also set Delivery Date from Time slot / Calendar view while placing an order from admin panel.

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Tuan Leek

posted on Dec 16, 2015 7:41:08 PM

Good extension


posted on Dec 16, 2015 7:40:31 PM

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